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Dinner Bell Farms fulfills a life-long dream of Jeff and Francine Schmid to own a farm and restaurant. The couple is restoring a scenic but neglected 14-acre farm, barn and an 1891-built farmhouse to a viable self-sustaining property to bring delicious farm-to-table meals to you.

Food inspires Francine. She grew up watching cooking shows such as: Great Chefs, and especially Julia Childs. An immediate connection was made when Francine found out that she and Julia shared the same birthday and the famous chef’s inspiration of innovation is instilled by Julia’s statement that “The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” This idea of creativity drives Francine’s push for excellence using locally-sourced ingredients at their peaks of freshness.

Dinner Bell Farm’s family-style Dinner Series truly began over twenty-six years ago when Francine realized that meals are best enjoyed with conversations with family, friends and neighbors.

It was her first son’s (Jeffrey) birthday party that she hosted with her husband Jeff. Family, friends and neighbors were gathered at their home in Ohio Township, Pennsylvania and congregated in the kitchen. The easy-going fellowship made it obvious that good food brings good people together. Once their other three children, Ryan, Chloe and William came along, family and friends gathered more frequently for celebrations, holidays, special events and everyday home-made meals.

The Dinner Series recreates those special moments where beautifully prepared food is served amid an abundance of warm feelings of friendship in a comfortable rustic setting with friends, family and new acquaintances.

Francine is a certified Chef having graduated with High Honors from the Culinary School of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After raising her four wonderful children, Francine stepped out of simply working in food service to becoming a Chef.

With all of our thanks to our family and friends for supporting us in our dream, we welcome you to our dinner table.

Click here because we can’t wait to see you at our farm, “Where Friends and Freshness Meet”